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The Worlds Fastest Growing Wellness Movement Breathwork & Ice Bath Therapy

Become a certified breathwork teacher with Jason Serini. Learn about the foundations of breathwork, how to deepen your practice with transformative breath and various breathing techniques. You will learn how to structure a class and do one-on-one sessions, common reactions that arise during breathwork and how to navigate as a guide. This is the all inclusive training that will give you the tools and mindset to successfully start teaching and facilitating breathwork.

If your after Personal Growth , wanting to release any trauma in the body or from the past , remove any blocks that you may have to Really Step into whats already Yours !!

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Jason Serini is one of the most authentic breathwork guides , simply because there’s nothing he doesn’t teaches that speaks truth from a place of life experience.

Creating the 7 steps method that’s relatable and easy to implement into your daily life.

Having worked as a personal trainer /coach to dj /events for over more than 20 years his specialty is to uplift and energize one on one or large groups maximizing their full potential and simply finding solutions to all areas of life , having also beat depression and addictions he knows how to fully connect and drop in to feel into all big or small sessions .